status :     International competition entry

for :            Kaira Looro, Senegal

what :       Cultural Center

where :    Sedhiou, Senegal, Africa

when :      04.2018

who :        Tiago Torre Rocha, Grégory dos Santos


A reflection on how to reinterpret the qualities of the ancient, vernacular and concentric African village typology. Enhancing interaction and activities between people while creating spatial compressions, dilatations and enclosures. The project appears porous but autonomous to its context.

As the project had to be built by the inhabitants, it provides a vernacular and well known technique : rammed earth walls. The wood of the casts is reusable for the roof which encloses space and filters light. This technique also assures a good thermic inerty, storing energy during the day and restituing it at night.

The positions of the volumes are planned to provide shadows, fresh ambient and ventilation. The ventilation of the volume itself is garanted by a side-opened roof that let the air enter the curtain door and escape at the upper level in the openings of the roof. 

The project appears strongly silent and abstract from outside, only the interstitial space between the volumes creates a kind of entrance, but there is no main entrance. These tight entries and silent volumes stimulate the curiosity of the visitor and invite him to discover what’s happening inside.

The central patio is open to the sky and articulates the inside spatial organisation, but it’s also an intimate space where people can meet around the fire to tell stories and reconnect with the ancient traditions.