status :     International ideas competition 

                    Honourable Mention

for :            Arkxsite, Portugal

what :       OpenAir Theater

where :     Baleal, Peniche, Portugal

when :      11.2017

who :         Tiago Torre Rocha, Grégory dos Santos


A slab, an aerial architectural element that covers the ruin and creates tension with it. At the same time this element support the theater like a hand. This is an economy of means.

The intervention is minimal and delicate on the ground with slim beams that contrasts with the rusticity of the site. The program is located in curtain boxes that offer a "mise en scène" of the shadows of the artists getting prepared inside.

The shell shaped slab enhances the relation between the visitor and the ruin offering intimity and framing views. It also creates compressions and dilatations of space that rule the organisation of the plan. 


 The curtain acts like a flexible architectural element that permits to enclose the ground space keeping the aerian caracter of the project.

Surrounded by almost 360 degrees of ocean, the intervention wants to be something really delicate well relationed with the ruin, transparent, like a leaf floating above the ocean.