status :     Student competition 

                    2nd Prize

for :            LAST, EPFL and university of Lausanne

what :       Sports Hall

where :    Saint-Sulpice, Lausanne, Switzerland

when :      06.2018

who :        Sébastien Lorenzini, Mui Sadler, Grégory dos Santos


A reflection on how to create a duality and tension with the existing context, projecting a patio (karesansui) which generates a circulation belt. This belt articulates the space and provides new synergies between the old and the new, visually and physically.

The project is clearly hierarchized with a visible structure composed by gantries which support a wooden skin. The skin is composed by prefabricated wood panels hanging on the structure.

At the same time the structure creates a rythm inside the space and rule all the decisions. It generates a polyvalent space-band around the pation, a structured workout space and a virtual training space.

The outside is a reflection on how to break the "boring box" generating a rythm with the joints of the prefabricated panels. At the same time the building is lying because those joints could be percieved as a structure. Then the solar protections are a declination of the wood panels so they are percieved as part of the skin and not an added element. At the same time it creates an architectural reflection on this constructive lie and the dichotomy between the structure and the skin.