status :     Summer school with Piet Eckert,  e2a

for :           Porto Academy

what :       Urban theater

where :     Porto, Portugal

when :      07.2016

who :        Grégory dos Santos, Nicole Wurzenberger


The studio investigates formal and spatial generative specificities of Oporto and engages such discoveries in an interpreted form of architecture. A discovered specifity encounters the normative expression of form; it becomes an ingredient to inform a standard, a building typology, a generic condition. Ingredient and standard generate a hybrid relation. They casually relate to each other and are more than the sum of all its parts. Mix, assembly, arrangement and composition of the known and the discovered obtain a new singularity, in which the parts are recognisable, but no longer restorable.

We develop an architectural body that results from a concept of duality. The work reflects the relation and the conditions how former individual singularities become indispensable components.

In town, garage accesses have their own logic and their own expression. A slope connects the urban street level with a lower court. The project is an incision into masses and makes the split of the urban level available. The result is a spatial in-between that acts as an inducement for the programme of the street.