status :     Academic project

for :           Kersten Geers, EPFL

what :       Architecture School

where :    Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin

when :      07.2019

who :        Sébastien Lorenzini, Grégory dos Santos

Neue Bauakademie

The school comes as an extension to the Neue Nationalgalerie, the single free standing object is now part of a composition of three. Activating the back patio, the project provides a new understanding of the whole ensemble.  All the work produced by the students can be exposed inside the Mies building.


The school is readable as a plinth with two objects standing on it, as Mies does, but as it’s own logic in terms of spatial relations and geometry. The public surface of the plinth is continous and gives a new status to the patio which becomes an interface between two dialoguing worlds.

Functions are disposed to favorise synergies between both buildings, the band next to the patio contains the more public program while the cylinder contains the three main programs of the school : library, crafts studio and workshops all connected with a ramp to optimize thos three academic programs. The rectangle prism contains the student housing and by it’s height acts like a sign for the school.


Crafts studios are located at the level of the plinth to permit students to build isntallations on it. The extended plinth becomes a public exposition space, an Hymn to architecture next to the most emblematic exhibition space.