Grégory is a young architect who, in contrast to the technologized world around him, seeks to achieve a poetic statement with the simplest of means.


To return to simple materials, to reveal laws and processes deriving from the power of the imagination, constitutes a provocative statement in an industrialized society. A way of «dropping out» which is by no means a denial of society, but which instead asserts a moral claim: the subjectified sensibility in its objectified authenticity reflects a natural recollection of environmental phenomena, both universal and individual, global and local.



2013 - 2020

Bachelor of Science in Architecture -  EPFL

2015 - 2016

Erasmus - Faculty of architecture of Porto, FAUP with Graça Correia, Correia/Ragazzi

Summer 2016

Porto Academy workshop with Piet Eckert, E2A

2016 - 2017

Internship at Group8, Geneva, Switzerland

2017 - 2018

Internship at OODA, Porto, Portugal

2018 - 2020

Master of Science in Architecture -  EPFL with Kersten Geers, OFFICE kgdvs


2018           -

2018           -

honourable mention, site theater competition, peniche, portugal 

  2nd prize, unil/epfl campus sports hall, lausanne, switzerland


2017           -

Competition entry for site Sanctuary, ArkxSite competition, portugal

2017           -

competition entry for UIA swiss pavilion, seoul, south korea

2018           -

competition entry for site theater competition, Arkxsite, peniche, portugal - honourable mention

2018           -

competition entry for cultural center in senegal, Kaira Looro competition

2018           -

competition entry for unil/epfl campus sports hall, lausanne, switzerland - 2nd prize

2019           -

competition entry for active housing, saint-sulpice, switzerland

2019           -

competition entry for site chapel, ArkxSite competition, portugal